Do small businesses need a website?

Any business person will tell you for free that profits are the very essence of their venture. Otherwise, why else would someone pour out resources? Every business entity will see to it that there is maximization of the little at hand. Wastage is a dreaded scenario. Marketing is an essential aspect if success is to be attained. It goes beyond the traditional methods of posters and business cards; digital marketing is now the prime focus for many business entities. According to statistics, over 50% of the world’s population have internet access. Having more people online increases chances and the number of potential clients.

Therefore, having an online presence, you are in a better position to reach your target population. If more people get to know about the business, it’s likely that sales will increase tremendously. A good way to achieve this is by having your website. It might seem daunting and unsophisticated but a business’ website is somewhat an office; only that it’s online. Customers, new or loyal, get information on everything they need to know. Also, purchases and delivery services are arranged. Granted, you will spend some dimes in setting up and maintenance but the long-term benefits will be worthwhile.

Still in doubt? Below are some reasons why your business should have a website.

An efficient way to sell products

Sales allow your business to grow. Your website is the platform where customers can browse and view the available products. Need to update items? Do it on your webpage. It’s faster and easier. Instant purchases, as well as online inventories, also add to the smooth running of business. Be creative and develop features to make your online presence engaging such as online booking if you are a service provider. Have you been at crossroads when your favourite clients come for a hairdo at the same time and both seem to be in a hurry? Scheduling does the trick and eases the work for you making it a win-win situation. Your clients come at their convenience and it helps in being organized. Additionally, websites describing different products entice customers. Try posting photos of past successful projects or videos of satisfied clients. The eye is a powerful tool; your customer service number could constantly be busy!

Keeps you at per with competition

Probably, your line of work already has pace setters. It could be in the same geographical location or other well-known brands. However, how can the website set you on edge hence still have your share of the cake? Speed is everything and clients want quick webpages. If the sites buffer, they leave and move to a better one. Therefore, quality is key. A website could be fast, but if the general outlook is dull, few people will be attracted. Ensure the page is appealing as more people will linger around. If the content is carefully created, clients will seek your services and make orders.

A strong marketing tool

Are you brushing off the business’s website just because of its existing Facebook and Twitter accounts? Granted, these sites have been priceless in scaling sales due to having many users. Advertisements especially on the former flood one’s screen, even allowing for instant interaction. This makes the brand popular. But what is the downside of being too dependent on such? Trends are dynamic and what was relevant today might be outdated tomorrow. These popular apps could be replaced with newer ones hence customers spend more time in them. Also, their rules might change so it won’t come as a surprise if you are left without an account. 

See potential loss of clients? On the other hand, they can ever visit the website. This is especially important for serious business transactions. Social media platforms are open to anyone hence one is prone to online fraud as compared to official websites where there is better accountability.

It shows professionalism

Individuals searching for goods and services feel safer if what they want is online. Customers can log in and learn a thing or two about the business. This in turn builds their trust in your service delivery. So, how can you achieve this? Show them how they benefit from your products. For example, if you are an interior designer, share pictures of the space before working on it and the after results. This is tangible evidence of your work. It would also help to showcase what you’ve done for influential personalities. Prospective clients may feel that if such a person sought your services, then your work must be top-notch.

Better control of information

Whatever and whenever something needs to be communicated, websites are the best platform. Upcoming big sales or limited editions of products can be made known to the target audience. This is undoubtedly instant and could attract customers. Websites also come in handy when counteracting misinterpretations. FAQs are regularly updated to respond to customer’s inquiries. Such features enhance loyalty hence clients would choose your goods or services any day.

It’s cheap

You don’t need to empty your account to get the business website. But question is,” Can I build one myself?” Well, the internet has DIY tips on how to do it. Even if you are a fast learner but web development isn’t your specialty, it might be hard to clearly understand the steps. Therefore, to be successful, it would be wise to have a web designer. They are not only masters of their own game but also save time you’d spend designing and updating information. They are knowledgeable of the systems and will ensure the website is catchy and engaging to get more customers. So, it could take a designer and a cost implication to get the business online but the rewards will be incredible!


Is it necessary for a small business to have a website? The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, it’s the expectation of many that businesses should be online; that’s what makes them convenient for customers. Your sales will increase as more people will know about your merchandise or services. Reviews by other customers serve as proof of your skills hence attracting clients. It’ll be easily found as contact information is readily available by tools like Google Maps. Websites are not only effective in marketing but also keeps you afloat amid cutthroat competition. Therefore, it’s not a question of should I get one rather when am I getting it.

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