Why do you need a web designer?

Nowadays there are a lot of free website solutions, from a business perspective this can be a viable option because you don’t have to pay a penny to get yourself online. However, do you really want to get online for the cheapest possible solution? As with everything you get what you pay for.

Your website is usually the first place or sometimes even the only place where your potential customers can find out information regarding your business. You as a business have to make sure that your website is engaging with your target audience and will make them want to choose you over any competition.

Does your current website make people want to call you to discuss business? What’s the first impression your potential customers get when they first get onto your website? Does your current website truly represent your business/brand?

If you choose to use a free service or try and do it yourself then it can become a big problem for your business very quickly. Without the knowledge and skills that a professional web designer can bring to your business, a free service can end up leaving you thousands of pounds out of pocket by losing potential business.

Small businesses especially think that they can get by setting up, designing and maintaining their own website, however, what most people don’t realise is that web design involves things besides the simple design of the site. Things that are usually better off left to the professionals, a website is usually a full-time job and if you decide to do it yourself you are more than likely wasting precious time designing and updating your website when you could be utilising that time on growing your business further.

Below are 5 simple reasons as to why you need a professional web designer:

1. Your website represents your business.

As I have said previously your website is usually the first or only place that your potential customers will go to decide if they should choose you over your competition. Professional web designers take your brand and create a product that you can be proud of and that represents your business exactly as you want it to.

Your website should make a first and lasting impression on your potential customers and slow or outdated websites will make those potential customers think that your business lacks the expertise and professionalism that they rightfully deserve.

2. You can spend more time running your business.

Creating, designing and maintaining a web site can become very time consuming very quickly, making sure you manage the design, optimise it for search engines such as Google, making sure that it has a responsive design and looks good on all mobile devices and making sure it stays updated often and on time can pretty quickly turn from a quick task to a full-time job.

If you don’t already have the necessary skills to create and maintain a website then you will more than likely spend even more time than you need to on all the little tasks involved with web design. By getting a professional to do it for you instead you can then focus that time and energy on running your business and growing it further.

3. Increasing your web traffic.

Having a website that your potential customers can find easily is essential nowadays, in order for it to be easy to find then it needs to have a strong presence on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

A task that can be quite daunting to do yourself, however, with the expertise of a professional and one with the right SEO skills you can ensure that your site will rank higher than your competition, therefore, increasing the number of visitors to your website which will increase the amount of potential business you can do.

4. Staying ahead of your competition.

It probably should be a common fact but it may still surprise or shock you that many small businesses are unable to develop an online presence and retain it.

If your business is considering or is already using a free service one thing you should note is that nearly always these platforms will start out great and then become outdated and fall behind the ever-changing technologies.

If you hire a professional web designer you are more likely to get a better more functional and user-friendly website which will help give you a boost at getting ahead of your competition.

5. Keeping up with new technologies.

The world of technology is always changing and updating, new technologies come out, new computer code is written and new ways to attract visitors to your websites are introduced to the public.

If you create your website with a free service then you are most likely going to be using outdated technologies which instantly gives your website a less likely chance of succeeding.

If you choose to go with a professional instead you can have the peace of mind that they will be creating your website using all of the latest technologies and following any of the latest trends in the industry allowing for maximum success of the website.

Many free service providers or DIY builders won’t allow you to have some basic yet effective features such as videos, links and the vast amount of plugin choice that a professional can utilise.

If you are a small business or someone who would like a website built by a professional web designer you can get in touch with us today using the contact details below:

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