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Features Included In All Plans

Where creativity combines with functionality at affordable prices to make your online vision a reality.


Cloud Backups

We backup all of our websites to our cloud storage which allows us to keep your data safe in the event of a system failure or disaster by keeping it on multiple servers.

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Restore Quicker

Having your website backed up means in the event something goes wrong you can just restore the website from the backup within a few minutes on average, saving time and money.


Incremental Backups

We provide incremental website backups which not only save space but are also quicker to restore. Instead of backing up the entire site, we backup any changes onto the next backup.


Keep Your Site Safe

In the very unlikely event that your website is hacked and taken down, having backups can keep your site safe by getting it back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Save Time

If you accidently delete files or make changes to your website that you didn't mean to make, then having a backup can save you unneccessary time to resolve and revert.


Save Money

Having backups for your website can save you money by NOT having someone recreate your site from scratch and they can just simply restore it instead.

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